Bailer Water Sampler

HT’s water sampler takes water samples from almost any desired depth.


HT’s water sampler takes water samples from almost any desired depth and brings them to the surface with the unique but very simple closure system. Made of high quality stainless steel, the HT water sampler is rugged in design and resistant when used in contaminated areas. After use, the water sampler can be easily cleaned and even sterilized. The closure system was protected by utility models against reproduction.


V850-0500: ø 40 x 580 mm - Content: 500 ml

Frame with measuring wire

With a snap hook the water sampler is attached to the HT Depth Indicator type 150. The measuring wire is made of stainless steel and therefore corrosion resistant. The measuring wire is characterized by continuous, numbered m- markings.


• with utility model protection
• Water samples without contamination
• Easy to clean
• optionally with drain valve
• Content: 500 ml

  • By using the HT Depth Indicator with marked stainless steel wire, you bring the water sampler to the desired depth.
  • During lowering the system is closed and can not be contaminated by oil- layers or other contaminants
  • After reaching of the desired depth, the water sampler opens by a jerk on the steel cable. After filling, the sampler automatically closes over a float. The water sample can be safely lift to the surface.

Water Sampler – Bailer Datasheet



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