vB 2m Extension Cable

Need to measure hand-arm vibration from a safe social distance? Now you can extend the range of your Pulsar vB with this 2m extension cable which fits between the vibration meter and the tri-axial accelerometer.


Continuing to take Hand-Arm Vibration measurements whilst sticking to the social distancing guidelines can be a challenge, that’s why we’ve introduced a 2m extension cable for the Pulsar vB meter, ensuring you can still take measurements and you and the person you’re measuring stays safe.

The cable is a very simple, plug and play item. It has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it’s use does not impact your measurements.

The standard Pulsar vB cable is 1.5m, so with this extension cable you will have a total of 3.5m between you and the person holding the power tool you are measuring allowing you to maintain the social distancing guidelines and some! The cable material is even a different colour so you can easily identify where the 2m begins.


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