Tripods for sound level meters

Robust but light weight tripods for sound level meters. Supplied as standard with our outdoor noise monitoring kits, they can also be bought separately for other applications.


Tripods for sound level meters

We supply our tripods as a standard accessory with our outdoor noise monitoring kit, they can also be purchased separately for static noise measurement applications indoors or outside. Our tripods are durable and robust for outside conditions.

TR3 Tripod

This fully height-adjustable tripod provides a steady hold even on uneven surfaces and is suitable for use with all of Pulsar’s sound level meters. It is provided as standard with the Pulsar Nova outdoor noise measuring kit, but may also be bought separately.

  • Height adjustable from 64 cm to 160 cm
  • Lightweight but strong and robust
  • Crank for continuous height adjustment of the center column
  • Lockable leg braces and flexible rubber feet for a firm and steady grip on uneven surfaces
  • Functional quick-action leg locks allow the tripod to be easily fixed at the required height or position
  • Central hook for weighing the tripod down in high winds and on rough terrain
  • Includes spare quick release plate
  • 3D-tilt head
  • Spirit level integrated into the tripod head and spirit vial at the base
  • Comes with it’s own carrier.

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