SafeEar MAX XL noise activated hearing safety sign

Pulsar SafeEar MAX extra large weatherproof noise activated hearing safety sign and danger warning sign.

  • Communicate noise safety messages to workers and visitors across large and complex industrial and construction sites
  • Lights up to alert your staff and visitors of dangerous noise levels and when hearing protection must be worn
  • Adjustable sound-activated lights and flashing beacon
  • Monitor and record ambient noise


This interactive hearing safety sign alerts workers, site visitors and other operatives effectively of dangerous noise levels across large and complex industrial and construction sites.

PulsarSafeEar Max is the innovative noise-activated danger sign from Pulsar Instruments developed in collaboration with Costain in the UK. The sound activated lights in this noise safety sign have been designed to be seen from a distance in the daylight or at night and measures 650mm X 650mm. It is fitted with a 110 volt supply and comes with a large blue flashing beacon that enables site management to communicate highly visual noise safety messages to their workforce and monitor noise levels over both the day and night shifts.

PulsarSafeEar MAX is equipped with a data-logging and downloading facility allowing the user to record what noise levels are being generated over time and identify which operatives are being exposed. Reports generated show if noise levels are exceeding the levels set by a given local authority or in line with the noise regulations. Any recorded data can be used to confirm if complaints are justified with regard to noise from the site.

This simple, cost-effective product used in conjunction with handheld noise monitors and personal noise dosemeters provide any user with a comprehensive and unique noise exposure management system as part of their overall physical agent monitoring strategy.

PulsarSafeEar MAX hearing protection sign is best used mounted on walls in selected zones around a construction site, a factory or warehouse to improve awareness and provide important data on dangerous noise exposure levels.

  • XXL large sign 650mm square
  • Adjustable sound activated lights illuminate a highly visual warning safety message when noise levels reach critical levels 80dB(A) and above
  • Large high-intensity blue beacon flashes when noise levels exceed selected trigger
  • Weatherproof (IP65 rated), dustproof, protected and mobile
  • Ideal for use in large, complex construction/demolition sites or factories
  • Adjustable, high-intensity white LED technology for maximum impact
  • Easily adjustable decibel trigger points.
  • Data logging feature and reporting software supplied as standard
  • 110v site power supply as standard
  • Developed in collaboration with Costain in the UK

Noise-activated warning sign

  • Microphone PU112 and windshield
  • Frequency Weighting: ‘ A’ Weighting to IEC 61672-1:2002
  • Time Weighting: Slow to IEC 61672-1:2002
  • Visual Indication: High-intensity white LED
  • User-selectable brightness levels
  • Display delay time: None or 30 seconds
  • Dimensions: 650mm x 650mm
  • Weight: 13kg
  • Mounting: 2 x Keyhole mounting slots
  • USB Data Logger with 32,000 samples of LAS
  • User Selectable: 1 second (9 hours), 10 seconds (3.7 days), 1 minute (22 days) sampling

A noise alert (indicator) system suitable for use across large and complex construction sites or factories

Pulsar SafeEar MAX is particular suited to promote the use of personal hearing protection of construction or demolition operating on complex sites or large redevelopment projects.

It is also suitable for use in large factories where management is keen to communicate highly visual warning safety messages to their workforce and to monitor noise levels during the day and night.

Noise-activated warning sign Spec Sheet


Pulsar Safe Ear Noise wanring system.pdf


Pulsar SafeEar.pdf



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