Remote Start Keyfob for NoiseBadge dosemeter

The NoiseBadge Dosemeter SSystem Remote Start Keyfob allows noise dosemeters to be started and stopped without Reader Unit.


The Remote Start Keyfob can be used instead of the Reader Unit to Start and Stop Pulsar NoiseBadge Dosemeters. The Start and Stop buttons on the Keyfob are used to send commands to the noise dosemeter.

When the Start or Stop buttons are pressed, the Status indicator will light to show that the button has been pressed. The Infrared signal is sent from the transmitter on the front of the Keyfob.

A Reader Unit is still required to calibrate and reset the individual dosemeters but the Keyfob can be more convenient to use, especially when there is a need to socially distance or where a persons shift differs to that of the health and safety officer, or the worker operates from a remote location.


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