Pulsar SafeEar Remote Display Units

Extend the range of your Pulsar SafeEar noise-activated safety warning signs by connecting remote display units.

Suitable when you need noise safety warning signs across a larger area or your entire workplace needs to be warned about high noise levels.


The Pulsar SafeEar Remote Display Units are controlled by the SafeEar Master Unit.

A simple 10-meter cable (included in price) from the Master can connect up to three remote units so that the noise safety warning signs can be extended to cover an area of up to 30 metres per connection.

These safety signs can be daisy-chained together to show:

  • the same message as the Master, or
  • different noise alert messages, or
  • different alerts in various languages to cater for a workforce made up of a diverse ethnic mix.

There are four standard designs available.

  • Noise safety warning sign: Hearing Protection Must Be Worn
  • Safety signs: Warning High Noise Levels
  • Caution sign: Caution High Sound Levels
  • Quiet zone sign: Shhh! Quiet Zone

Add Flashing warning beacons

You can also add the SafeEar high visibility flashing warning beacon (Red or Blue) to the Remote Units. It will be triggered by the Master Unit, but provides extra high visibility warning across a larger area.

  • These safety signs light up when the pre-set noise level of the Master Unit is triggered
  • Extends the range of the SafeEar Master to cover a larger area
  • High visual impact to warn staff and visitors
  • Alert messages are available in four different standard designs as well as multiple languages
  • Custom design options for other graphics and text are available.
  • Suitable for any larger area to warn when noise levels are too high
  • For use by Facilities Managers and Health and Safety Practitioners to ensure the safety of staff and visitors in construction sites and factories for example, and to maintain noise comfort levels in hospitals, offices and call centres, universities, and libraries.

Pulsar SafeEar datasheet & installation guide



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