Pulsar Nova Outdoor Noise Measurement Kit (WK3)

The WK3 Pulsar Nova outdoor noise measurement kit allows you to measure noise continuously 24/7 for over 14 days.

The secure weatherproof hard case protects your sound level meter from adverse weather and environmental conditions, whilst the specially designed microphone protects the microphone capsule.


Our outdoor noise measurement kit quickly converts your Nova handheld sound level meter into a semi-permanent outdoor/external noise monitor. The WK3-N outdoor noise measurement kit measures noise continuously for 14 days*.

The kit includes everything you need to measure noise outside in any weather. Just add the Pulsar Nova decibel meter for the complete solution to accurate, external noise measurements. Contact us for more information today.

  • Allows you to take noise measurements outdoors in all weather conditions.
  • The hard case protects your Pulsar Nova** decibel meter from adverse weather and environmental conditions and has been designed to withstand the dangers and risks of construction sites too
  • The windshield and bird spike protect the noise measurement microphone from nature.
  • The lockable case is easy to transport and install at your noise measurement site.
  • Power is supplied via two heavy-duty rechargeable power sources.

The Pulsar Nova Outdoor Noise Measurement Kit is ideal for use in environments where the measurement of mid to long term noise is required, for example for environmental monitoring applications, measuring boundary noise, or for construction sites to check that agreed noise limits have not been broken.

* 7 days if only one battery is connected.

** NOTE: The Pulsar Nova Sound Level Meter or is NOT included in the outdoor monitoring kit as standard, however, you can choose to the Class 1 Model 45 Octave Band Sound Level Meter kit in the choices below.

  • 24/7 noise measurements for over 14 days*
  • Take noise measurements outdoors in all weather conditions
  • Provides protection for the sound level meter & measurement microphone from adverse conditions
  • Easy to transport & install with a secure, lockable case
  • Flexible power options using internal batteries & external power

* 7 days if just one battery is connected.

  • Unattended outdoor noise measurements
  • Construction site noise monitoring
  • Environmental noise monitoring
  • Boundary noise monitoring

Pulsar Nova Outdoor noise measurement kit Data Sheet


The Pulsar Nova Range Data Sheet



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