Process Transmitter Type 680


The Process Transmitter type 680 is mainly used for well monitoring, for measuring points with SCADA- connection, in reservoirs or in tanks. The continuous measuring of water level and water quality is done with a HT probe, the values are directly visible at the integrated display. Due to the available output signal 4-20 mA of the Process Transmitter, the measured values ​​can be integrated directly into a process control system / SCADA- system. Additional available limit contacts can be used for alarms.

The transmission from the measuring probe to the Process Transmitter type 680 is digital. Interferences in cause of frequency- converters, used for pump- controllers or other electromagnetic influences to the direct measured values are minimized; a secure, trouble-free measured value transmission thus ensured. The wide power supply range of 6..30 VDC supplies the Process Transmitter and optionally also the analog output signals.

The probe can be installed in almost any measuring point, with an anchor clamp it can be safely placed over the well, well pipe or tank. The simple operation makes the installation quick and easy.

  • Direct display of measured values on the screen
  • Available analog output signals for connection to a SCADA
  • Integrated limit relay suitable for signaling and configurable via the display
  • Digital measured value transmission from the probe to the Process Transmitter
  • Easy configuration and operation

Power supply

6...30 VDC

Input channel

1 digital input channel for the connection of a HT probe


Height x Width x Depth: 200 x 160 x 110 mm

Operating temperature

-20°C to +70°C

Output signal (option)

2-wire / 4...20mA for each connected parameter

Limit contacts (optional)

Software-adjustable limits, switched via relays, potential-free

  • Excellent suitable for well monitoring
  • Adaptation to a SCADA
  • Realization of warnings such as horns / signal lights and others
  • Level monitoring of containers and tanks
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Measurement and monitoring of saltwater intrusion


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