Pressure Probe Type 655W2


The Pressure Probe Type 655W2 measures the hydrostatic pressure and is primarily used for level measurements. Optionally, the probe can be equipped with an additional temperature sensor.

The Pressure Probe Type 655W2 is permanently installed and determines the hydrostatic pressure via the constantly applied water column above the probe. Changes in air pressure are directly compensation by using a vented cable. The output signal rises or falls analogously to the pressure rise or pressure drop. The pressure probe type 655W2 has an analog output signal 4 … 20 mA. This signal can be used for remote transmission, for connection to a SCADA, various displays or recorders as well as for the control of pumps.

Temperature measurement:
The Pressure Probe Type 655W2 can optionally be equipped with temperature measurement for which an additional temperature sensor is used. The response times are short and fast temperature fluctuations are measured precisely and promptly. The analog temperature signal is also provided via 4..20 mA on 2 separate wires.

  • Unique accuracy of <0.1% over the temperature range 0..+50°C
  • Housing made of stainless steel 316Ti, suitable for use in contaminated and corrosive areas
  • Automatic compensation of barometric fluctuation
  • Accessories such as lightning protection, wall housing, display and air-pressure compensation ensures a total solution from HT
  • Maintenance-free, no recalibration necessary

Electrical Data

Power supply voltage

6...30 V DC

Output signal

4...20mA / 2-wire

Mechanical Data


Ø22mm x 125mm

Material housing

Stainless Steel 316Ti

Water Level

Measuring range

selectable up to max. 300m water column, on request calibration in bar


< 0.1% of selected measuring range

Temperature (option)

Measuring range

Standard: 0°C to +50°C / other ranges on request


< 0.1°C

Vented cable

Diameter of cable



PUR jacket with Kevlar core for strain relief and internal pressure compensation tube; very flexible;

  • For well monitoring
  • Level measurement with direct connection to a SCADA
  • Continuous measurement of water level and temperature
  • Level monitoring of reservoirs and tanks
  • As a transmitter for pump control units


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