NoisePen Acoustic Calibrator

A Class 2 calibrator especially designed for use with the NoisePen.


The Class 2 Acoustic Calibrators for the NoisePen (choose either the Model 106 – 94dB, or Model 108 – 114dB). The Model 106 has been tested and formally EU Pattern Approved under certificate PTB-1.61.4034842, as meeting all of the requirements of the latest International standard, IEC 60942: 2003. Fully meeting the requirements for the calibration of industrial sound level meters used in almost all Health and Safety applications.

The two models are intended to calibrate and set the noise measurement sensitivity of the NoisePen (although the Model 106 can be used with any properly approved sound level meter that uses a standard measurement microphone).

Both Models give a standardised tone. They have sensors to correct for temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and battery voltage so that they remain stable and accurate under almost any conditions where they are likely to be used.

We have taken great care during the design process to ensure that the units are comfortable to hold, robust and easy to used, whilst performing accurately throughout a wide range of temperature, humidity and pressure conditions.

NoisePen Acoustic Calibrator Pulsar Model 105 & 106 datasheet



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