Microphone capsules for noise measurement

We offer a range of Class 1 and Class 2 microphones, preamplifiers, and microphone accessories for noise measurement.


All of our microphones are Class+ high performance ½” Pre-polarised Electret condenser capsules specially designed for noise measurement using Sound Level Meters and other instruments.

At the top of the range, the PM1 Class 1 capsule is fitted to several leading brands of Sound Level Meters, including Pulsar Instruments, as well as other noise measurement instruments. For may applications, such as quick spot checks and noise at work assessments the use of this highly accurate microphone capsule is excessive; a Class 2 specification microphone capsule is equally acceptable and compliant for these purposes as well as being significantly more cost-effective. The PM2 is the Class 2 variant capsule and is fitted as standard to all of Pulsar’s Class 2 sound Level meters (with the exception of the Model 14 Low Cost Decibel Meter).

In addition to the accuracy afforded by the Class 1 PM1, the capsule also offers excellent long term stability and temperature stability making the capsule ideal for use in long-term outdoor noise monitoring applications.

Microphone capsule features include:

  • Pre-polarised Electret Condenser Technology
  • International Standard 1/2” microphone capsule with Class 1 & Class 2 variants
  • Long Term Stability and Reliability
  • High Accuracy


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