LTE Telemetrylogger Type 255EB

The LTE Telemetrylogger 255EB is a compact data logger that can be independently powered by batteries despite very frequent remote data transmission.


The LTE Telemetrylogger 255EB is a compact data logger that can be independently powered by batteries despite very frequent remote data transmission. In the conventional measuring site setup, a Datalogger was often supplied via solar-cells or a fixed mains connection. At many stations it won’t be necessary anymore by using the more cost effective with less maintenance Telemetrylogger. Up to 9000 web-based data transmissions can be done with only one set of batteries. This means hourly remote data transmission with a minute measurement interval over a period of one year. The LTE Telemetrylogger 255EB is very often used in measuring points for surface water in order to realize a continuous and frequent transmission of measured values, also for the equipping of redundant stations.
In the case of extreme events, the ingenious alarm management also offers the possibility of event-controlled transmissions of measured data even more frequently so that you can access the latest measured values ​​even in tense situations.

Of course, the LTE Telemetrylogger 255EB can also be used in regular groundwater wells. With hourly measurement and daily data transmission, the device has a battery life of at least 10 years.

With HT devices, you neither have to check the humidity in the device nor regularly replace desiccant cartridges. Useless work and operating costs that can be saved. Thanks to a proven filter system that has been used in different climate zones for over 20 years, reliable relative pressure measurement for measuring the water level is guaranteed.

The data transmission in the standard version takes place via the cellular network directly to a FTP server. For security reasons, the transmission can also be done by using SSL encryption. If the battery is low or in case of an alarm if limit values ​​are exceeded, alarm messages can be sent.

  • Designed for very long autonomous operation
  • Maintenance free - no desiccant / dry cartridges required
  • Direct installation in gauge pipes from 2 inch
  • No synchronization of clock and standby times
  • Cost-effective data transmission via cellular network
  • Non-volatile flash memory for up to approx. 190,000 records
  • Compact and robust design made of high quality stainless steel
  • Easy installation and operation

General Data


Ø49mm, Length: 420 mm / suitable for 2 inch wells

Housing material

Stainless Steel; POM - against net coverage;

User interface

RS 232; via USB, serial or Bluetooth-stick

Measuring interval

user definable from 1 second to 99 days

Power supply

Standard:      3x Alkaline / Size: D (mono)
                        for 4 years at daily data transmission
Alternatively: 3x Lithium / Size: D (mono)
                        for 1 year at hourly data transmission
                        or 10 years at daily data transmission

Interface for probes

Standard: 1 input channel for connecting a HT probe

Data Transmission

Cellular standards

4G LTE Cat1 and Cat4

Transmission frequency

B1(2100MHz); B3(1800 MHz); B7(2600 MHz); B20(800 MHz); B28(700 MHz);

Cellular network

2G, 3G and 4G LTE

Transfer protocol

Standard: FTP, FTPS with SSL encryption

Alarm Management

• 2 limit values can be defined for each parameter
• Possibility to autom. switching of measuring and transmission interval
• Low battery warning
• Warning message via SMS / eMail and status on web server

Environmental conditions

Operating temperature

-20°C to +70°C

Protection class

IP68; flood-proofed until 1m water column

  • Use in surface water with frequent remote data transmission
  • Continuous monitoring of water quality
  • Measuring and monitoring of channels and rivers
  • Monitoring of groundwater wells with long battery life
  • For monitoring and alarming in case of saltwater intrusion

LTE Telemetrylogger Type 255EB



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