Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosemeter System

The Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosemeter System has all the features and benefits of our original noise dosemeter system with the added benefit that it is certified as meeting ATEX and other IS standards.

Ideal for use in noise dosimetry for the following industries:

  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Factories where fine powders are present


This Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosemeter System accurately assesses and captures the true noise exposure of employees working in potentially hazardous or explosive environments. Each badge within the Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosemeter System is coated with gold to make it inert, and each component has been checked that it meets the IS standards required in certifications such as ATEX. The IS dosemeters are ideal for use in the following industries where extra precautions must be taken: Mining, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical industry and premises where fine powders are present.

Intrinsic Safety Certifications

Certification BodyGroup I Non-Mining ApplicationsGroup II Mining Applications
IECExIECEx BAS 06.0084
Ex ia IIC T4 (-20ºC <= Ta <= +60ºC)
IECEx BAS 06.0083X
Ex ia I (-20ºC <= Ta <= +60ºC)
EExEEx ia IIC T4 (-20ºC <= Ta <= +60ºC)EEx ia I (-20ºC <= Ta <= +60ºC)
FMIS / I / 1 / ABCD / T4 Ta <= 60ºC; Type IP54
I / 0 / AEx ia / IIC / T4 Ta <= 60ºC; Type IP54


Find out about the EU ATEX Equipment Directive.

  • Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosemeter
  • Meets ATEX, IECEx, EEx, FM
  • Robust gold coated metal casing
  • Shoulder mounted via a leather clip-on strap
  • Measures noise exposure over a whole day, shift or week.
  • Each IS dosemeter is a self-contained unit that has no cables, displays or controls, making it the perfect solution for noise dosimetry because units cannot be tampered with easily or damaged during measurements.
  • The separate Reader unit communicates with the dosemeters and controls the programming, calibration, start-stopping, data logging, downloading and storing of measurements. 
  • All key measurement parameters can be viewed on the Reader's large clear back lit LCD display screen.
  • The Reader also contains an integral acoustic calibrator allowing the dosemeter to be calibrated before and after each noise measurement in accordance with international regulations
  • The dosemeter automatically computes the daily Exposure for European legislation or the Time Weighted Average for US-based legislation.
  • Full ‘Time History’ information allows you to determine when key noise problems occur during a worker's day.
  • The IS dosemeter collects all the data essential to meet compliance with occupational noise regulations at the touch of a button including LAeq, LEP,d, % Dose and TWA. 
  • Frequency weightings include 'A' weighted (range 70dB(A) to 130dB(A)). The additional ‘C’ frequency weighted peak Time History allows you to fully assess risks from impulsive noise in the workplace.
  • Our outstanding license-free software package, AnalyzerPlus, allows quickly analyse of data and production of compliant H&S reports at the touch of a button.
  • Occupational noise surveys
  • Hazardous and potentially explosive environments
  • Mining, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical industry and premises where fine powders are present
  • Noise dosimetry.


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