Infrared Temperature Measuring Camera – IR37

The IR Temperature Measuring Camera is a facial biometric thermometer which uses a wide-angle camera and accurate temperature sensor to give a clear indication of people’s temperature before they can enter the workplace.

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  • Simple to install and easy to use
  • Display’s temperature quickly and safely
  • Comes with integrated access control
  • Incorporates into automated entry systems
  • Advanced wireless and wired networking support
  • Fully-customisable user-interface and data presentation
  • Security and protection provided from one source

Ideal for:

  • Non-contact human temperature measurement
  • Automated entry system based on temperature
  • Personnel management and site security.


This non-contact facial recognition infrared temperature detection device uses a distance sensor and wide-angle camera to detect and display people’s temperatures from up to 2 metres away. It can be placed in any indoor environment to allow for quick and safe temperature detection and can be incorporated into automated entry systems, to automatically grant or deny access to people, depending on their temperature. The biometric thermometer has a fully-customisable interface which allows you to choose the temperature range for access as well as the messages the unit provides when an acceptable or unacceptable temperature is detected.

Choose which stand you need for the IR37 Infrared Temperature Measuring Camera.

  • Desktop stand (comes as standard)
  • Wall-mount fixing
  • Pedestal stand

Key features

  • Medical level accuracy +/-0.3°C measure distance between 30cm and 75cm
  • Infrared body temperature detection module, designed and manufactured in Germany
  • Ultrasonic real-time dynamic distance sensor: applicable range from 30cm to 200cm
  • Anti-back-lighting wide dynamic camera, with a read range of 2m
  • 10,000+ database with likeness recognition algorithm*
  • Read speed 0.4 sec
  • Suitable for multi-applications, and two thermometry modes, including precision and fast mode
  • Attendance reports available via local download/PC software download
  • UK sales and Tech support
  • Installation support
  • Training available if required

Pulsar IR37 face thermometer user manual



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