DusTech XPi

The XPi is our LTE connected particulate monitor that detects PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4.25, PM10 and PM100 (PM1.0. 4.25 (selective) & 100 are optional) Particulate Matter in the sampled air around the unit. The unit will report in real-time on the central display and write all those data points out to the onboard SD Card in a CSV format for easy access later. Additionally, the XPi utilises mobile data to provide near real time feedback via our cloud dashboards

  • PM2.5 and PM10 (optional PM1.0, PM4.25 and PM100).
  • Option for 1 gas sensor (TVOC, CO2,CO,NO,NO2).
  • WI-FI, Ethernet, LTE and Serial Connectivity (SCADA).
  • Cloud Connected (DusTech Dashbooard).
  • With 16 GB datalog storage capacity.
  •  Smallest remote monitor of its class.
  • Single person setup
  • Optional Solar and Battery system.


The monitor is sensitive to minor variations of particulate matter in the atmosphere, with analysis using the principle of laser scattering, which enables the high precision laser to get the particle concentration between 0.3um to 10um (standard) in the air. The XPi comes in a variety of configurations, so please this manual may explain certain functionality that may be an optional component, these will be marked with OPTIONAL next to their name. The Standard model has sensing for PM2.5 and PM10 plus your choice of gases from the following list;

No additional sensor
O2 (Oxygen Sensor)
H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor)
CO (CO Sensor)
NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor)
CO2 (Carbon Dioxide Sensor)
VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds Sensor)
SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide Sensor)
NH3 (Ammonia Sensor)
Cl (Chlorine Sensor)
WS (Weather Station)
O3 (Ozone Sensor)
H2SL (Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor : ppb)
COL (CO Sensor : ppb)
NO2L (Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor : ppb)
CO2L (Carbon Dioxide Sensor : ppb)
CO2 (Carbon Dioxide Sensor)
VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds Sensor)
SO2L (Sulfur Dioxide Sensor : ppb)
VOCL (Volatile Organic Compounds : ppb

Our Optional model includes the same choice as above, including PM2.5, PM10 (options for PM1.0, PM4.25 and PM100) plus your choice of (1) gas sensor.

XP Series Product Catalogue


XPi User Manual


DusTech Quick Start Guide



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