Assessor 81CA & 82CA Industrial Noise Level Meter

The Assessor 81CA (Class 1) and 82CA (Class 2) are industrial noise level meters ideal for affordable hearing protection prescription. This meter uses ‘C’ and ‘A’ weighted Leq values and the HML method of calculating required hearing PPE.


Industrial noise level meter

Expanding on the basic models in the Assessor range, the Assessor 81CA and 82CA effectively combine affordable noise measurement and compliance with International Industrial Noise Directives.

This integrating sound level meter is the ideal instrument for those people who are happy to use the established HML method (High, Medium, Low) of Hearing Protection Prescription and do not want an instrument with 1:1 Octave Band Filters.

All hearing protection (PPE) should be supplied by the manufacturer with attenuation (reduction) values for each of the H, M and L values. By knowing the ‘C’ and ‘A’ weighted Leq values and the difference between them you can use either a spreadsheet or simple formula to select suitable hearing protection for your workforce.

C-A Measurement Mode

By just pressing the C-A button, the instrument will automatically switch to ‘C-A’ Measurement Mode. A Blue indicator shows that you are now measuring in C-A mode rather than the normal Broadband mode.

The integrating sound level meter will make an Leq measurement with dB(C) weighting (LCeq) and will continue until the average level has settled. When the level has settled, the instrument will switch to dB(A) and repeat the process with ‘A’ weighting.

When this level has also settled, the instrument will display the LCeq, LAeq and in large digits the resultant LCeq – LAeq value on the screen. Making taking this HML method of measurement has never been easier, as everything is done in an automatic cycle for you.

Data logging

There is also an option to upgrade the meter to include data logging so that you can store your measurements to the internal memory and then download to create reports using the Pulsar Analyser software.


The Model 82CA industrial noise level meter (Class 2) has all the features of the Assessor 82A but with the addition of an affordable and legally compliant way of Hearing Protection Prescription
The Model 81CA industrial noise level meter (Class 1) has all the features of the Assessor 81A but with C-A for calculating hearing protection
Ideal for HML method of hearing protection calculation
Hearing protection measurements have never been easier; the C-A mode ensures automatic measurement calculation
Software upgrades available
Data logging option available as an upgrade


The Assessor range of sound level meters focuses on one main purpose and that is for compliance with International Industrial Noise Directives. This mindset has produced an extremely effective noise measurement tool for the busy Health & Safety Professional, Industrial Hygienist, Consultant, Manager, Supervisor, Technician or Engineer.

Noise at work
Industrial Hygiene
Quick Spot Checks


The Pulsar Analyser’ sound analysis software package is available with the data logging versions of the Assessor 81CA and 82CA instruments. The units are supplied as non-data logging with the option of either upgrading at a later date or being supplied as data logging at time of purchase.

This exceptional sound analysis software Pulsar Analyzer package enables users to download quickly noise measurements to their computer and transform them into informative and professional reports.

The Pulsar Analyzer software also has a special database of hearing protectors that allows the user, at the click of a button, to have all calculations done for you automatically. A selection of hearing protection is listed and a report can be compiled.

This software is compatible with Windows 9x/Me/2000/NT/XP and Vista.

The Assessor 81CA (Class 1) and 82CA (Class 2) industrial noise level meters come supplied with the following sound measurement equipment:

Pulsar Assessor datasheet



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