Aeroqual AQS 1 Air Quality Monitor – PCX Module Version

The AQS 1 Air Quality Monitor provides measurement of multiple particle size fractions (TSP, PM10, PMrsp, PM2.5 and PM1), and a variety of gas pollutants, including ozone (O3), methane (CH4), VOC, nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and sulfur dioxide (SO2). Measures and reports data in 1-minute intervals with user selectable averaging, delivering highly accurate results with very strong correlation to US EPA reference analyzers. Suitable for use on a range of projects, including site remediation and clean-up, construction, urban and national air monitoring networks, community exposure studies, compliance monitoring, fenceline and fugitive emissions monitoring, environmental impact assessments, and industrial hygiene.

Versatile and adaptable, the AQS 1 is suitable for use on a wide range of projects. Whether you’re involved in implementing Community Air Monitoring Plans (CAMP), on-site remediation, environmental impact assessments, or industrial hygiene the AQS 1 gives you the flexibility to tailor the measurements according to your specific needs.

  • Simultaneous measurement of particulate matter (TSP, PM10, PM4, PM2.5 & PM1) and parts-per-billion (ppb) detection of NO2, CO, H2S, O3, CH4, VOC and SO2
  • Measures and reports data in 1-minute intervals with user selectable averaging – access data anywhere and set alerts via any wireless device
  • Robust, weatherproof enclosure with solar shielding, suitable for use in most conditions


The AQS 1 is supported by a global distribution network, meaning you’re never too far from a skilled technician ready to provide assistance and spare parts. In addition, Aeroqual’s online training system is free to all our customers, meaning you can become an expert on your AQS system before it even arrives. Housed in a rugged, lockable weatherproof enclosure, it includes an embedded PC and full software system for remote technical support, data management and analytics.

The AQS1 now comes with the PCX Particle Module
More mass channels simultaneously: PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10, and TSP mass measured as standard, with the same level of accuracy provided by our Nephelometer engine for a single mass measurement.

The AQS1 with PCX is South Coast AQMD Rule 1466 approved and MCerts certified for PM10 and PM2.5. The AQS1 PM10 with SCC cyclone is South Coast AQMD Rule 1466 approved and MCerts certified for PM10.

What can it measure?

The AQS 1 can be integrated with noise monitors, weather stations to offer the complete air quality package for any air monitoring project.

The AQS 1 can be configured to measure particulate matter (TSP, PM10, PM4, PM2.5, PM1) and up to three gases (O3, NO2, CO, H2S, SO2, VOCs, CH4) simultaneously.  For specific applications, see our pre-configured AQS 1 monitors: AQS 1 Remediation, AQS 1 Urban, AQS1 Construction.

Practical applications for the AQS 1 Remediation Air Quality Monitor include:

  • On-site remediation; soil aeration; regulated landfills
  • Compliance monitoring; consents/license requirements
  • Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP)
  • Fenceline and fugitive dust emissions monitoring
  • Community Air Monitoring Plans (CAMP)
  • Remediation Management Plans (RMP)
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)
  • Industrial and occupational hygiene
  • Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE)

AQS 1 Specsheet PCX V1


Aeroqual Cloud Air Monitoring Software Brochure



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